Kevin Barry Bucknall.

Review by

China-Britain Business Council

Spring, 2003

The path to the door of Chinese business is littered with potential cultural pitfalls, which is one reason why many are discouraged. For those who press ahead, should you go about business in the way you have always done? Or go overboard to make sure you don't fall foul of local customs and practices? This debate about how to deal with Chinese counterparts has raged for thousands of years.

Hence, Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture, which attempts a comprehensive guide of the dos and don'ts. The individual points are well made (don't try to negotiate on your first day, while you are still under the effects of jetlag; always have your material translated into Chinese; speak clearly and avoid acronyms, which may be difficult to translate; keep good records of meetings; and many others), but the cumulative effect of all these recommendations is almost overpowering.

It is perhaps for this reason that the author has made liberal use of sub-heads and bullet points. The book can therefore more easily be used as a reference and a reminder. Better still, the book is available as an downloadable 'e-book'